Fuzzy Clock App
Fuzz Clock
Tell's you the time in words. Or as Binary code, or with Elegant Gradient Dials.
Mi Fi App
Visualize Battery Level and Network Connectivity from you MiFi Wireless 3G card.
Codename: TwitterAnalyzer
Still in the making. Analytical view of your tweets.



Welcome! My name is Daniel Wanja and you will find my first few experiments in the iOS world on this site. Enjoy!.

I love creating apps. In my free time I am experimenting with different aspects of iPhone and iPad development and will publish more apps in the coming month.

I do provide Enterprise Development services for the iOS platform, Flex and Rails via my other company Nouvelles Solutions, Inc..

From the free Mi-Fi application I created over a year ago and Fuzzy Clock, a simple clock that tells you time in words, to an advanced Twitter Analytics application, to several customer projects, I'm currently going all over the map from a functionality point of view. This is intentional and allows me to have fun when coding late at night and allows me to discover this great platform and the AppStore ecosystem.



Fuzzy Clock - a designer clock that tells the time in words, and much more...

Available on the AppStore

6 designer clocks in one app:
  • 1) Matrix of words
  • 2) Simple time in words
  • 3) Precise time in words
  • 4) Gradient Dials
  • 5) Binary digits
  • 6) Binary dots.

Already over 3600 downloads, get yours!!!

Over 14000 downloads! Great reviews since it works again for iOS 4.

Available on the AppStore

"This is a must-have iPhone app for MiFi users: shows complete status of device" - Andy Ihnatko

"Works great with Virgin Mobile! - Works perfectly with my Virgin Mobile Mifi. Primary use for is in monitoring my usage so I don't exceed my usage lits, so this free app. works perfectly for that." - Rafflesian

"Nice App - Nice little app. No frills. Does what it's supposed to do. And it's free." - Joe4Jazz

  • Connectivity bars (0 to 5 bars)
  • Battery level (0 to 4 bars)
  • Data Received and Transmitted (in/out).
  • Time Connected.
  • Public IP Address.